Legge di bilancio 2018: news on Ecobonus, Sismabonus, mobile bonuses and green Buonus

On January 1, 2018 the 2018 Budget Law came into effect with news regarding bonuses on the home, furniture and green areas.

65% deduction for those who from 6 June 2013 to 31 December 2018 have made or will:

  • energy redevelopment of existing buildings. Unchanged deductions for condominiums up to 2021
  • installation of solar panels
  • replacement of winter air-conditioning systems with systems equipped with class A condensation boilers equipped with thermovalves for individual radiators, belonging to classes V, VI or VIII, or with systems equipped with hybrid devices, consisting of an integrated heat pump with boiler condensation

50% deduction for those who until 31 December 2018 will carry out:

  • purchase and installation of windows including window frames, solar shading and replacement of winter air-conditioning systems with systems equipped with condensation boilers with efficiency at least equal to class A of product

Ecobonus and sismabonus up to 85%: for works aimed at reducing the seismic risk and the energy requalification of the condominium. Sismabonus also extended to public housing buildings.

Building renovation bonus up to 31 December 2018: 50% deduction, with a maximum limit of € 96,000 per real estate unit, for renovation of building assets and energy redevelopment of buildings

Mobile bonuses until 31 December 2018: 50% deductions for the purchase of furniture and home appliances for the renovation of refurbished buildings (household appliances of a class not lower than A +, class A ovens, equipment for which the label is required energy)

Green bonus for gardens and terraces for 2018: those who carry out interventions to arrange the green and green roofs and roof gardens, can take advantage of a deduction on IRPEF, equal to 36% of documented expenses, up to a maximum € 5,000 for housing units.


The Budget Law 2018 at the link: Official Gazette


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