The new 2018 Stability Law extends the 65% bonus for energy efficiency measures of the individual building units to 2018, confirms the expiration on 31 December 2021 for the ecobonus applied to condominiums and reduces to 50% the bonus for the purchase of fixtures, solar shading, condensing and biomass boilers.

The 2018 house bonuses will be reconfirmed and expanded:

  • Restructuring bonus 2018: 50% deduction for renovations for a maximum cost of up to € 96 thousand for individual homes and condominiums;
  • mobile bonuses 2018  and home appliances: 50% deduction for a maximum expenditure of € 10,000 (only if the purchase is due to restructuring);
  • Ecobonus for 65% energy savings;
  • Sismabonus with deductions from 70% to 85%;
  • Deduction of 50% VAT paid for those who purchase a house in class A or B from the manufacturer;
  • Dry coupon at 10% on rent at agreed rent;
  • Green 2018 bonus: gardens terraces and balconies, also condominiums, with a deduction of 36% for a maximum of € 5,000.

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