On November 17, Law 158/2017 enters into force for the enhancement of municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, which establishes a fund for the development of municipalities of 100 million euros over seven years (from 2017 to 2023). The Law addressed to the 5,699 villages (calculation related to the Istat census of 2011) gives priority to intervention to the most fragile municipalities, namely: placed in areas affected by hydrogeological instability; characterized by marked economic backwardness; subject to decrement of the population or to conditions of settlement illness; characterized by inadequacy of essential social services or located away from urban centers, within national parks, regional or protected areas. Municipalities can use the resources allocated in various ways: for the “qualification and maintenance of the territory, safety and redevelopment of road infrastructures and public buildings, redevelopment and enhancement of the energy efficiency of public buildings, acquisition of canton houses and of abandoned railway sediment, recovery of mountain pastures >>. Ermete Realacci, president of the Environment Committee of the Chamber and first signer of the law said: “From today no one will speak more of the Small Municipalities as a ‘weight’ for our country but, looking at them with new eyes, as an extraordinary opportunity for Italy. A model for sustainable development and a more human-friendly economy that focuses on communities and territories, on the intertwining of tradition and innovation, old and new knowledge. It is here that 93% of our PDO and IGP are produced, 79% of our finest wines, but also so much of that made in Italy appreciated everywhere. You can compete in a globalized world if you keep solid roots. If you innovate without erasing your identity, why Italy is strong when it comes to Italy “. The 158/2017 law at the link: Gazzetta



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