4 useful tips to illuminate the kitchen

Choosing how to position the lights is always a difficult job and unfortunately often mistakes or energy wasters can be avoided that could easily be avoided. Here are 4 useful tips for lighting the kitchen: avoids lighting the table too much because it would be difficult to talk to the person in front; do not choose colored lights, you would accuse a distorted chromatic perception of the dishes; do not pay attention only to the beauty of the lamp, in this environment the functionality comes first! do not forget the hob and sink, they need an excellent source of lighting for cleaning operations; Organizing the lights apparently may seem like a simple job and especially in newly designed homes we tend to postpone the problem to second moments. In reality we reveal to you that it is a more complicated speech than it seems and that should be well reasoned, on the basis of many factors.

If you want advice or careful lighting design, we will be happy to help you find a personalized, functional and tasteful solution! The lamp you see in the picture is a part of the lighting of the kitchen of a house that we have restructured Discover the super-economic renovation project we have created for them: Appartamento A + F

For information, advice or estimates write to info@bottega29.it, contact us on social networks or call us on 320/0460589. We will be happy to help you!




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